Weekend Trip: Lake Cumberland, Kentucky

Lake Cumberland Waterfall

Having lived most of my life in the Midwest I always find it surprising how many new and interesting places I can find. The past weekend I was lucky enough to visit another new place, the beautiful Lake Cumberland, Kentucky. Although some would contest Kentucky is part of the south it was still within easy driving distance for us. It was only a 4 hour drive from Indianapolis with only the last hour on some windy country roads.

My girlfriend’s uncle was nice of us to have us down along with some other family at their lake house. It is always great to be invited by family or friends to their getaways. As for the lake, it was significantly different than your typical lake. But, different wasn’t a bad thing, it was beautiful with all the side shoots and lack of houses.

Lake Cumberland 8

To give you a quick background on Lake Cumberland, it is a man made lake created by a dam back in the 1950s. The purpose was to protect Nashville downstream from flooding but while building the dam they had to relocate many families from the valley as it would become a lake. At some point the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers passed a law that stopped anyone from building new docks and houses on the water. That is why there is not many docks or houses directly on the water. More recently the dam at Lake Cumberland had severed leakage issues which lead to extremely low water levels over the past 7 years while they were fixing it. Just in time for our visit the fixes for the dam were completed. Also luckily, or unluckily? There has been an enormous amount of rain this summer and the lake was back at full summer pool for our visit.

Overall we had a wonderful time cruising the lake on 29 foot speedboat with perfect weather too. Went water tubing quite a bit and even managed to go water skiing. It only took me two tries to get up, not bad since I haven’t done it in over 8 years.