Here Are My Travel Goals, What Are Yours?

World Map showing my travel goals aka bucket list

Where In The World Would You Travel To? Here Are My Travel Goals

I think it is important to have lists or goals whether that is for work or for personal reasons. Well traveling the world isn’t any different to me at least… Here are my travel goals. Many people may call this their travel bucket list but I really don’t want to wait until I kick the bucket… I know I am relatively young right now but there is no time like the present. You truly never know what will happen in life so it is important to accomplish what you want while you can whether that is traveling or just living life. On the other I don’t expect to travel to all these places but it is better to set the bar high.

I have always had a drive to explore whether that is just around town, throughout the US, or the world. One of my favorite stories about me growing up is that my 1st grade teacher asked each student where they would want to travel to. Of course most said Disney World!! But I said Egypt to visit the pyramids, haha. Just shows my curiosity for the world.

Now for the list itself. I have broken it down by region and the idea behind the list is that it will never be complete. The more I explore, the more places I will add. Also keep in mind I expect that some places on my travel list may actually disappoint but there will always be places that will surprise you! An example for me is when I traveled to El Salvador just for a few short days. I was blown away by the beauty, the people, and the food there. Never in the world would I have imagined even going there in the first place but I was pleasantly surprised!

Now I haven’t had the chance to explore much of the world yet but here are my travel goals!

North America

Jewel Lake

  • Banff & Lake Louise – Snowboard in the winter, hike in the summer
  • Whistler – Snowboard one of the greatest slopes
  • Lake Tahoe – Snowboard the slopes in the winter, hike in the summer
  • Rocky Mountain National Park – Hike out to the pristine mountain lakes – Completed 7/2015
  • Glacier National Park – Hike before all the glaciers melt away
  • Zion National Park – Hike through the narrows and the many other amazing trails
  • Yosemite National Park – Hike the area and see the half dome
  • Olympic National Park – Hike the trails, driving up hurricane ridge, and the beaches – Completed 6/2014
  • Hawaii – Relax on the beaches obviously and hike around

Central America & Caribbean

Prieta Beach Club Sunset

  • Costa Rica – Zipline through the trees, see the animals, and relax at the beach – Completed 3/2015
  • Nicaragua – Venture through the towns, hike volcanoes, take a boat in the massive fresh water lake
  • Puerto Rico – Visit Old San Juan, El Yunque, beaches, and eat Mofongo – Completed 3/2014
  • Tulum – Visit the ruins, snorkel, and swim at the beach
  • Cuba – Explore the cities, beaches, and culture
  • Isle Culebra – Swim at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world
  • St Johns – Relax on the beach and hike the island
  • St Lucia – Take in the breathtaking views and of course the beaches

South America

  • Cartagena – Take in the historic city and the seaside
  • Cusco – Explore the town and of hike the famous Machu Picchu
  • Iguaza Falls – See one of the most gorgeous waterfalls at the border of three countries
  • Rio De Janeiro – For the beaches and unique vibe


  • Cinque Terre – Hike between all five towns and get a view from the sea
  • Rome – Visit the Coliseum, the Vatican, and other ruins
  • Ireland – Have a Guinness in Dublin and view the countryside
  • Norway – Hike and drive along the fjords
  • Spain – Explore San Sebastian, Barcelona, and more
  • Portugal – Walk the streets of Porto and relax on the Algarve coast
  • Croatia – The Dalmatia coast, islands, national parks, and the classic roman towns
  • Slovenia – Hike the Julian Alps and visit Lake Bled
  • Montenegro – View the bay of Kotor and more
  • Greece – View the Parthenon, sail to some Greek islands
  • Malta – Relax on the island
  • Turkey – See the Blue Mosque


  • Morocco – Try the unique cuisine and culture
  • Pyramids in Egypt – Of course I had to include this!
  • Cape Town – Go on top of Table Mountain
  • Madagascar – For the lemurs!


  • Georgia – Experience a unique mix of cultures
  • Azerbaijan – See above!
  • Myanmar – All those temples look interesting
  • Philippines – Those beaches are screaming my name
  • Bali – Once again to relax on the beaches

Australia & South Pacific

  • Melbourne – Drive the Great Ocean Road and visit with the friends my fiance has there
  • Cairns – Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef
  • Queenstown – Boat in Milford Sound and bungee jump
  • Moorea – Stay in overwater bungalow

I am sure many more to come but I have a lot of traveling to do!

So where in the world would you like to travel to? Feel free to share your travel goals!