Air Berlin Business from Punta Cana to Dusseldorf! Our Honeymoon Review

Business class review on Air Berlin

We had just finished up the first part of our honeymoon relaxing in Punta Cana and what better way to end our time in the Caribbean than by flying to Europe than in Air Berlin’s business class!

Our first stop on our honeymoon was to the Westin Punta Cana which was perfect for relaxation after celebrating our wedding day just a couple days earlier. From Punta Cana we started our second part of the honeymoon as we flew to Rome, Italy via Air Berlin through Dusseldorf. Thanks to my obsession with airline miles I was able to get the business class flights for free! Just costing 50,000 American Airlines miles per person for the one way to Europe. Air Berlin and American Airlines are both part of  Oneworld airline alliance making it possible to book each others flights. It was totally worth it for the business class seats over economy seats on the nearly 9 hour flight!

Prior to boarding the flight from Punta Cana (PUJ) to Dusseldorf (DUS) we checked out the VIP Lounge in terminal B. This is available for holders of Priority Pass, Lounge Club, or for certain airlines when flying business class. Sorry for the lack of pictures! It was not an impressive lounge but it was nice being out of the main terminal area which was really busy. The food consisted of yogurts, breads, fruits, and some small sandwiches. Nothing to get really excited about but better than nothing!

Heading down to our gate it was nice to see the huge Airbus A330-200 which would take across the Atlantic. Boarding was done on the tarmac which is always fun for an airline enthusiast like me. Both the front and aft doors were used for boarding.


Air Berlin business class review of honeymoon seats

Heading up to our seats we chose 3E and 3F which are also known as the “honeymoon seats”, which was fitting for us! They are a lot closer to each other than the other business class seats but they are also the most protected from the aisle. If you are traveling with a partner and don’t mind being close to each other I would definitely recommend these seats or similar ones. The middle seats in rows 1, 3, and 5 all have a similar setup. Aisle access for both and it is nice and cozy!

We had a slight delay on the ground thanks to some maintenance issues but luckily it wasn’t anything major. The flight attendants were great onboard. It was quite fun being (probably) the only Americans on a flight originating in the Caribbean destined to Europe. Nearly everyone onboard was German but the flight attendants English was great. Champagne and orange juice were served almost right away.



As for the first course of dinner it consisted of a small salad, roll, and a prosciutto plate. By my standards both the salad and prosciutto were good! But the best part of the entire flight was the wine. Oh my! The Pinot Grigio which was from France was some of the best wine I have ever had. Wish I could recall what the name was but on the other hand I doubt I could afford it on a regular basis, haha.


On to the main course which both Beth and I elected for the chicken in lemon pasta. It was surprisingly really good and would recommend it! Other options included a steak and some seafood dish.


For dessert they brought both of us a passion fruit custard which was just okay and a couple of Bailey’s on the rocks, which made us both happy! It wasn’t the fanciest meal I have had but it did taste pretty good. The wine alone to me was worth it.



It was still daytime when we left the airport. Our flight departed at 4:00 PM from Punta Cana and would land in Dussledorf at 7:00 AM making for are relatively early transatlantic flight. Usually going from the US to Europe the flights leave later to make it easier to sleep and wake up at the perfect time upon landing. Luckily with us being lazy and going to bed early in Punta Cana we didn’t have too much trouble falling asleep. But before sleeping we tested out the seat back entertainment which was just okay. The selection was pretty paltry even in business class but there was still plenty for a 9 hour flight. The only issue was that it was freaking hot! The AC must have not been working properly because I was sweating a little as I tried to sleep.

As for sleeping in the seats, they are completely lie flat, but they are on the short side. I am 6 foot and my feet and head were butted to the ends. Laying on my side fixed the problem and if you have a buddy in the “honeymoon seats” you can double up the seats making it more comfortable. Although Beth did not like my blanket touching her! Don’t worry if you don’t have a buddy as there is a wall you can put up.

Final Thoughts

Air Berlin business class flight review! Our honeymoon in the honeymoon seats!

Overall it was a good experience on Air Berlin as we both enjoyed the flight. Flight attendants were great, food was great, seat was good, and the air temperature too hot. Just keep in mind if you are taller than 6 foot the seats are quite small in the lie flat mode. Comparing this to my experience on United’s Business First on the 787, to Australia. I would hands down take United. Air Berlin’s business class was more than sufficient for a transatlantic flight, just do not expect to be wowed, well except for their wine maybe!

For more on our honeymoon checkout my post detailing out everywhere we went! Hint it includes Punta Cana, Italy, and Croatia!