Is Venice Overrated? Our 3 Days Wandering the City

Is Venice Overrated? Our 3 days wandering the city

As part of our long honeymoon we made a stop in the historic but maybe overrated city of Venice. This was our last stop on our tour of Italy before we headed to Croatia. In Italy we absolutely loved hiking in Cinque Terre and exploring Rome so maybe we set the bar too high for Venice. We had 3 nights in Venice giving us 3 days to explore, it was probably 2 days too many!

Our 3 Days In Venice

Getting to Venice from Cinque Terre required a 6 hour train journey with a short stop in Milan. The train ride went smoothly despite being a little long. Once we arrived in Venice we trekked 15 minutes across the canals to our Airbnb in the Jewish Ghetto. If you are looking for more of local experience definitely stay in this part of Venice and not in the typical touristy parts. Our little apartment we stayed at was just off the beaten path but still easy to get to everything. I would recommend the Airbnb we stayed at.

So here lies the problem with Venice… We ran out of things to do!

Venice at dusk

We arrived around 1:00 PM with plenty of time to explore the city on the first day. We loved aimlessly wandering the canals until the sun went down on that first night. Venice is truly beautiful especially as it nears dusk.

Venice, St. Marks Square

But as we woke up and started exploring the next day we soon realized that there really isn’t much to do in Venice. We went to St. Marks Square, did the Basilica, went through the Correr Museum, and Doge’s Palace all within in a couple hours! Don’t get me wrong, all those places were amazing! Personally I really loved seeing the old Venetian courts and senate in the Doge’s Palace. Even the Correr Museum kept both of us entertained despite not being huge museum people. The princess rooms were pretty interesting for one.

Venice water bus

Like I said, we ran out of main sights way too quickly! To improvise we walked to the very last water bus stop on the main island to get our money’s worth. It is not worth it to pay for the all day boat passes, so we bought single tickets. On the boat we were actually able to get the front two seats, it almost felt like a private gondola! And much, much cheaper! Honestly, we were at a loss on what to do that evening and the entire next day. Unless you like expensive shopping and being swapped with tourists, we didn’t find Venice to be our cup of tea.

On our last day having had enough of walking around the canals we took the boat to the Lido for a change of pace. It was a pleasant walk from the boat dock on the other island to the Lido’s beach with a couple of restaurants, lack of tourists, and actually greenery! Walking up to the beach we started to become disappointed. Lido wasn’t the most beautiful beach and it was pretty crowded. At least we replaced most of the tourists for locals and some water! Despite the disappointment we took the opportunity to relax as the next morning we had to walk up really early for our Volotea flight to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Final Thoughts

Venice is a gorgeous city with tons of history but it seems to have lost a lot of its charm. It is too overrun by tourists and shopping for our liking. In hindsight we probably would have enjoyed a couple of days near Lake Como instead, we are big nature buffs and love to hike. But Venice was on our travel goal list of places to see. If Venice is on your itinerary I would suggest not to spend too much time there. For everything that we wanted to do we could have done it in one day instead of three.

Is it overrated? We think so. Unfortunately it has become another tourist trap, although it is very pretty. To us it is an adult Disney World.