Our 2017 Travel Review!

Hiking near Mt Bierstadt in Colorado

2017 has come and gone already but it is time to revisit our travels from last year. We did travel much more in 2016, but 2017 was still full of many exciting adventures. We did pick up and move from Indianapolis to the Denver area which was both exciting and scary. We are now settled into our new home in Denver and are loving the easy access to the mountains for hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. Despite moving, we did manage to get in many weekend trips throughout the Midwest, Colorado, and some others thanks to work travel. We also had a big trip to Puerto Rico in June with Beth’s mom, dad, and sister. It was a huge trip for them as they hadn’t flown in a long time but they absolutely loved Puerto Rico. We were all saddened when Puerto Rico got hit by hurricane Maria as the people are so friendly and loving.

With the bulk of our year focused on moving, we didn’t hit too many of our travel goals (bucket list). Miles and points allowed us to travel to many of the destinations in 2017 that we could not have typically afforded otherwise. We were able to travel back to visit our family for both Thanksgiving and Christmas thanks to miles.

So without further ado!

Our 2017 Travels!

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Puerto Rico

Beautiful beach at Culebra Island Puerto Rico

Our big trip of the year was to Puerto Rico in June! We managed to snag a mistake rate at the Hilton’s El San Juan Hotel for a suite for two nights. It was a great deal as we were going with Beth’s mom, dad, and sister so we need more than just a single room. We enjoyed the beach there and our favorite Mexican restaurant in Puerto Rico, Lupi’s Mexican Grille. Get the Puerto Rican Burrito! It uses a sweet plantain as the burrito shell. Of course, we went to Old San Juan to explore the forts and historic buildings and enjoyed a nice meal at El Jibarito.

Playa Escondida near Fajardo, Puerto Rico

After exploring San Juan we did a day trip to El Yunque as we moved to our next spot just outside of Fajardo at the Sevens Seas Beach condos. Everyone really enjoyed the spot as it sits right next to a beach that locals frequent. It was a very nice change of pace from the tourist beach at the Hilton we came from. This was our first time repeating a “big” destination together as we visited Puerto Rico back in 2014 and enjoyed it so much that we wanted to share it again with our family.  Even though we visited in 2014 there were still many new things to do such as an amazing day trip to Flamenco Beach. Flamenco is an island that sits over an hour away from the mainland. I highly recommend going as the beach is truly spectacular with the white sand and calms waters. Our final night was stormy but that didn’t stop us from going to the bioluminescent bay. This was another experience that is recommended and is unique. Everyone enjoyed the trip and it was a good sendoff as we moved out to Denver in July.

Lake Tahoe

Maggie's Peak hike at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is by far one of the most beautiful places we have ever been to in the world. Not many places can top the combination of the snow capped mountains, Caribbean blue colored waters, and all the opportunities for great hikes. My work had me travelling to the Reno area quite a bit during the year so I managed to take some time to explore Lake Tahoe nearby. On one work visit Beth decided to join me on a long weekend to explore Lake Tahoe even more. Of course we did some hiking and one of our favorites was Maggie’s Peak which led to a picture perfect overlook over the lake. We also managed to get a boat ride in on the lake and some relaxing in on the beach. The Sand Harbor State Park beach is great just beware that Lake Tahoe is really cold but well worth the refreshing dip.


Fall colors at Aspen, Colorado

It is quite a change to move from Indianapolis to Denver just in the simple fact that people now want to vacation to you. Many of our friends and family came out for weekends to explore the mountains and checkout our new home. I won’t go into detail on every hike but we almost hiked every single weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed having the mountains so easily accessible as a day trip from our home. We did do one overnight weekend trip to Buena Vista, Colorado with my mom and her fiance. It was a great little getaway as the falls colors were peaking and we were able to drive over Independence Pass and into Aspen. We love the mountains and have plenty of more exploring to do!

Final Thoughts & 2018

2017 was another truly an amazing year in all facets of Beth’s and my life. We moved across across the country to Denver and still managed to get to travel to so many incredible places this year. Now living in Colorado many friends and family now want to visit us. It is somewhat strange living in place that has access to so many amazing sights and activities. It has become harder for us to travel to other places as  there so many options right in front of us and we now like to travel back to visit family. In 2018 we have already done a couple of weekend trips in the mountains for skiing and snowboarding with friends. We have an upcoming trip to Kauai, Hawaii this spring to relax and decompress after a busy year. Then in the summer we will be travel to France and Spain with my mom and sister. My sister has never been to Europe so I am excited to show her around and experience new cultures. We will also be visiting my aunt in France who happens to own a vineyard! Here is to another great year!