All Right, Let’s Go!

Whether we are flying around the world, visiting family or friends, hiking up a mountain, or taking our dog for a walk, we are always ready to go on an adventure! All right, let’s go!

We created the website to share our love of travel with our family and friends. It has become increasingly more and more difficult to share our travel stories and strategies as many of our friends and family live all over the country. We hope to bridge this gap with this website while also helping other fellow travelers by providing our own tips and tricks for exploring the world. Most of our travels use miles and points to significantly reduce costs and to let us venture to places we could otherwise not explore.

About Us

We are Ben and Beth plus our dog Spruce! We are both young professionals living in the Denver, Colorado area and have a lot of the world left to explore. The main topics of our blog includes explaining how we:

  • Travel around the world as luxurious as the amount of our miles and points will let us.
  • Visit family and friends across the country while using miles and points to offset any costs.
  • Explore and hike not only the gorgeous Rocky Mountains nearby Denver but many other places on our adventures.
  • Maximize our personal finances through credit card bonuses, strategically earning and burning miles and points, utilizing bank account bonuses, and striving for financial independence.

So come join us on an adventure! Like we always say to our dog Spruce when we are ready to go for a walk, All right, let’s go!

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